Swimming Pool Salt Electrolysis Chlorination

Manufactured by Stérilor for Desjoyaux. Stérilor is a pioneer of salt electrolysis in swimming.

Innovation, simplicity and reliability are characteristics shared by the Stérilor range.

Salt electrolysers work by adding a small amount of salt into the pool’s water (5 g/litre). The water is filtered then treated by electrolysis which converts the salt into a powerful sterilising agent, killing off all algae and bacteria and oxidising any organic residues. In spite of the combined effects of swimmers and the sunshine, the salt remains in the water and allows the disinfecting process to be constantly renewed.

Consistent water quality for unrivalled comfort: no more unpleasant smells and red, sore eyes.

Redox regulator. JD Redox combined with an analyser provides full regulation of production from the electrolyser. The swimming pool's Redox (oxidation reduction) potential is therefore stabilised and swimming comfort is guaranteed.

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