Air-Source Swimming Pool Heating Surrey

Air Source Swimming Pool Heating Installers Surrey

Our swimming pool heating systems are amongst the most efficient and low-cost systems on the market. Our range of Heat Pumps will enable you to enjoy your pool to the full from the very first rays of spring sunshine right through to the very end of the season.

Zodiac ZS500 Air-Source Heat Pump
Zodiac ZS500 Heat Pumps

Extend your season of use

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The ZS500 features technology offers 3 modes, so you can heat your pool intelligently. This gives you perfect control over water temperature according to your requirements.

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The ZS500 only produces 30 decibels in EcoSilence mode, similar to the quietness of a library. Ideal for maintaining the temperature in all seasons.

80% of the energy comes from the air, 20% of the energy comes from your electricity supply. 1 kW of electricity consumed = 5 kW returned to your pool.

Supplied with a winter cover and backed-up by a 3-year manufacturer backed guarantee.

Zodiac Z300 Air-Source Heat Pump
Zodiac Z300 Heat Pumps

Fully enclosed for outstanding safety

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With its patented titanium heat exchanger, Z300 can heat any swimming pool water, whatever its source and treatment (treatment using chlorine, salt chlorinator, bromine).

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The Z300, Zodiac® swimming pool heat pumps are the only brand on the market independently certified.

With its plant room kit, the Z300 is suitable for installation in all environments, whether inside or outside.

Zodiac® offers 'all year' models used to generate heat at extremely low temperatures (down to -8°C). Ideal for extending the use of your swimming pool (covered pools).

Supplied with a winter cover and backed-up by a 3-year manufacturer backed guarantee.