Spa, & Hot Tubs, Surrey & Hampshire

Whether you want to create a spa wellness area at the heart of your garden or inside your home, Desjoyaux offers six models designed to meet all your demands.

Immerse yourself in the relaxing and regenerating waters of our spas for a unique experience. Whatever your requirements, Spaform’s range of products are designed to fit your style and will exceed your expectations.

Our spas enhance your life, giving you the opportunity to abandon yourself to the massaging benefits of air and water. More than this they are designed to last. The uniqueness of our products is clear: from the moment you choose one, to the first time you relax and regenerate in one of our spas.

JD Cosy Hot Tub Spa

JD Cosy hot tub spa

You want a spa that won't occupy too much space? Discover the spa JD Cosy. This 3-seater spa is compact but very deep for comfort.

JD Relax Hot Tub Spa

JD Relax & Serenity

Wellbeing and comfort for all ... Discover the spa JD Relax and Serenity. Spacious and can accommodate up to five people. Ideal for families!

JD Sublim Hot Tub Spa

JD Sublim hot tub spa

Want to share your wellness with friends as well as family? Discover the spa JD Sublim. This spacious spa can accommodate up to 6 people.

JD Exclusive Hot Tub Spa

JD Exclusive hot tub

More comfort for the parents, a wellness area for children ... Discover the JD Exclusive Spa. The spa offers massage flexibility and can accommodate up to five people with two elongated seats.

JD Cool Hot Tub Spa

JD Cool Hot tub Spa

You want to balance accessibility and space for everyone? Discover the spa JD Cool. This round spa is designed to be spacious, accommodating up to five people.